Maternity Shoots During Covid Pinkstar Maternity

Maternity Shoots During Covid Pinkstar Maternity

A Pandemic is not something I ever thought would affect the day to day runnings of my business, or so many others.  But here we are!  So If you are not booking you maternity session in our maternity studio here are some DIY tips.

 I believe every woman is still entitled to the maternity images she envisioned.  Weather she still gets them in studio, or at home taken by her partner.  I am dedicated to offer couture gowns for your maternity or baby shower.  You deserve these memories.  

How can you DIY maternity photos?

Pick a location:It’s important that right now you do these in your home near a well lit window, your backyard, or at an open field area behind your house where you can practice proper social distancing with anyone walking by.

Clothing: choose from our wonderful selection of gowns, rent 2 or 3 so you can change up the look.

 Poses: Some simple to mimic poses to try at home.  The most important thing is to show the belly, have fun, and don't stress.  


Side Pose:






Milk Bath:


Standing full length: