Colbie Gown • Fitted Maternity Gown • Ruffle Top Maternity Gown • Off Shoulder Maternity Gown • Slim Fit Gown • Sweetheart Style Dress • Bridesmaid Dress • Event Gown

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The ORIGINAL Slim Fit Maternity Gown as seen on Jennifer Stano, Pregnancy Corner, and Encore Magazine - BUT - with an off the shoulder ruffle!

The lovely Colbie gown is a slim fitted gown with an elegant ruffled off the shoulder flounce top that perfectly align to the shape and contours of your body.   The long, soft silhouette knit fabric cascades to the floor for that romantic and elegant look and feel.

This gown is not only stunning for your maternity photos but is stunning at any event whether it is being worn for maternity or non maternity!

Perfectly matches our red floral crown!